Church Government - Boards

Church Council

The council is the administrative body of the church. It is made up of the pastor, clerk, moderator, treasurer, Christian enlistment chairperson, three at-large church members and a representative from each board. Council is responsible for making the following appointments:

  • Committees (as needed)
  • Christian enlistment chairperson, auditor and historian (annually)
  • Temporary officers and board members (as needed)
  • Pastoral search committees (as needed)
  • Conference delegates (annually)

At least ten monthly meetings are held throughout the year. Duties involve:

  • The general promotion and supervision of the welfare of the church
  • Submitting for action to the church (at annual or special meetings) any matter approved by a majority of the council
  • Authorization of the treasurer to disburse funds for budget items and special accounts
  • Administration of donations and memorials
  • An annual review of the pastor's financial needs
  • An annual report to the congregation.

All church members are encouraged to participate in the government of the church. The goal is to provide an open-minded forum for conducting business, airing concerns and solving problems while encouraging collaboration and support.

Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education (BOCE) is the overseer of the following groups or programs:
  • Sunday School Program, pre-school through high school
  • Youth Group and Adult Education
  • Confirmation Class
  • Activities involving children or youth
  • Coordinate nursery care

Board of Deacons

The Diaconate is a group of men and women who are interested in furthering the spiritual life of the church. The mission of the Diaconate is to assist the pastor in ministering to the spiritual needs of the church. Service on Sunday morning includes setting up and then cleaning up the sanctuary, and assisting in other tasks as required by the pastor. This service includes handing out bulletins, collecting offerings, plus other tasks such as ringing the bell, turning on the elevator, and assisting with communion.

In addition to the Sunday morning work, the Diaconate is involved in managing a program of visitation for church members who have become less active in church due to illness, age, or other factors. The Diaconate also manages the list of church members, arranges for substitute ministers during Pastor vacations or other absences, assists with funerals and weddings as needed, and oversees the Deacon Families program and other programs.

An important function of the Diaconate is to serve as a sounding board for the pastor. In this way, we discuss issues surrounding the worship service and the fellowship outreach aspects of the church and then develop ideas for improvements. Our monthly meetings cover the "business end" of the job (ushers, etc) but also reserve time to discuss topics of special interest at some length.

Board of Stewardship

Stewardship is the financial body of the church that seeks to educate members about the relationship between our faith and faithful giving. Stewardship is about taking care of the resources entrusted to us by a generous God. Each year members of Stewardship and Christian Enlistment work together to develop a theme for our annual pledge drive.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the real estate and property owned by the church. They see that the property is maintained, properly used, updated and replaced as needed. The board hires and supervises the custodian and the lawn care, snow plowing and shoveling personnel. Yearly reviews of the church insurance policy and oil contract as well as inspections of the elevator, fire alarms and extinguishers, furnace, water quality and building are done. Trustees set the fees for non-member organizations and individuals who use the church and approve and monitor building use.

Board of World Ministries

The Mission Board is responsible for distributing mission funds pledged by church members. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible in our own community and world wide.


  • Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Worcester
  • Valentine's for Veterans
  • Collect gifts for Aids Project Worcester
  • Collect and distribute gifts cards for those in need in the local community