Church Government - Committees

Pastor-Parish Relations

The Pastor Parish Relations Committee currently consists of five members plus the pastor. This committee has the responsibility of understanding the pastoral and congregational roles and facilitating communication between both parties. The committee is a sounding board for conflict from both sides and will look for resolutions. PPRC provides support to the pastor via advocation of continuing education and participation in ecumenical activities. The committee reviews the pastor's compensation and monitors the evaluation process as well as assisting with start-up and termination procedures.


The nominating committee helps to fill the open positions on the church boards and committees. We are currently looking for people interested in joining a board or committee in the new year. Please find a nominating committee member if you are interested!

Coffee Hour

The Coffee Hour Committee consists of six people with rotating three year terms. Each member is responsible for two months of coffee hour a year. They will recruit hosts / hostesses for any open weeks during their time, offer instructions for new volunteers, make sure there are adequate supplies each week and help keep the kitchen clean and picked up. Money donated each week is used to purchase coffee, juices, paper supplies, dish soaps, wraps, paper towels, etc.

We plan one Saturday morning a year to do a thorough kitchen cleaning and work on special projects. We have one meeting a year, in January, to assign our months, discuss our duties, and assess kitchen supplies and replacement needs and try to solve any problems we have encountered.


The Flower Commitee is responsble for coording flowers for the altar each week.


The Bylaw Committee is charged with reviewing our existing bylaws and proposing an updated set that reflects the present needs of the church.p>